Saturday, January 31, 2009


I have recently joined a gym and hired a personal trainer. I have now lost almost 70 lbs. The other day during a sweaty workout, I was doing triceps lifts when I noticed a 65lb dumbbell on the rack in front of me. I ask Dee my trainer if he could hand me the dumbbell. With a curious look on this face, I explained that I have lost 65+ lbs and I want to hold that dumbbell to get an idea of how much weight that is. Dee handed me the dumbbell and I couldn't believe how heavy it was. No wonder my feet had hurt all the time before my surgery. I held the weight with both hands and rested it against my thighs. The weight of it almost drug me down. I was amazed. I can't wait to lose another 65lbs. I wounder if they have a dumbbell that weighs 120. The motivation I took away from that weight session will last me for quite some time.

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