Wednesday, January 14, 2009

62 lbs, 13 Jan 2009

Happy New Year. I had a great check up with Dr. Blaney today. All of my lab work came back good. No problems with my iron, vitamin B's or sugar. I will have to tell you that I still feel great. I will have to say again that this was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I wish I had had the opportunity to do this years ago, but then again, I wouldn't have had Dr. Blaney and his great team at Trinity. I also wouldn't have had my great friends Sandie and Kim who had the surgery too. They have been there for me and I think we have been very good for each other. The Three Amigos. That is what the Dr. calls us. Ladies, Thanks for being there.

For all of my other friends and family who tune in to my blog regularly, I send you all a big hug. You have all given me the encouragement I need to hear. I know that I haven't said it often enough but you are all very dear to me. Without every single one of you, I wouldn't feel the love and support I have.

No it is time to get serious. I will admit that up until now, I haven't done a lot of exercising, but now I have to get on the ball. I need to start toning or the next 60 lbs won't come off as easy as this has. I am not going to lye when I say I am not looking forward to the grueling work outs I need to start cause I am NOT looking forward to them. I owe it to myself to finish this with even better results that I have had so far. I owe it to all of you who have been there for me.

You know, I told the doctor just yesterday that this surgery gave me the switch I needed to eat healthy life. I have always known how to eat right, now I have no choice. I have no appetite and I don't get hungry. I am sticking to the rules of what to eat and how often. I eat basically fat free, sugar free. No fried foods and no bread. I try my hardest to maintain my 60g of protein a day. I take my multi vitamin, calcium, Vitamin B and Prilosec daily My hair is thinning out a little, but not bad. That is to be expected when a person loses a lot of weight. This surgery has saved my life. I am so thankful that I have had this opportunity. I have lost from a 22 pants to a 16. A 22/24 shirt to a 14/16 and we won't even talk about the bra. If I could turn my breast inside out, I would have to great pockets on my chest. But then again, big boobs are always what they are cut out to be.

Anyway, HAPPY NEW YEAR FRIENDS AND FAMILY. I hope 2009 brings all of you all the love, success and happiness each of you deserve. Good luck and God bless each and everyone of you. Thank you all for being my support team.

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Sandie said...

You look great, Tina!! Thanks for being there for me, too!