Thursday, October 2, 2008

How did I get here?

Day 1 of surgery.
I came out of surgery in a little no lot of pain. In recovery, I found it very heard to breath. The pain made me tense all muscles in my body and I couldn't relax. After being put on a drug drip and being given an additional injection later that evening, I began to relax and got some good sleep.
I have been told that during the afternoon and evening on Monday, I said some things that were off color and very drug induced. If I said anything to any of you that was out of sorts for me, I apologize.

Day 2 Post OP
Tuesday, I woke up feeling much better. The nurse took me off of my drug drip and I began to get up and walk around. I went to X-Ray for a swallow test. At this point, I had not had anything to drink since midnight Sunday night. The fluid was cool and wet, but was by far the worst thing I had ever swallowed. Needless to day, I came through it and couldn't wait until I got that first cup of ice. It was wonderful. I slowly began drinking. They brought me a tray for lunch and all seemed to go down very easily. I received 3 beautiful flower arrangements. My room smelled like a florest. I had to send two vases home. The lilies are beautiful, but my nose immediately closed up. I had some visitors. It was great to see my friends and surporters. Thank you all.

Day 3 Post Op
I woke up really refreshed. The doctor came in and gave me the best news. I can have a shower. I can't tell you how that felt. I felt like a new women. Dr. Mike also told me that I could go home. I was so looking forward to that. I was at a good point. I was drinking good and intacking alot of fluids. I arrived home at 5:30pm. I felt better just knowing I was at home.
At bed time, I turned to something I have hated for a while now, but this old Recliner in my living room has saved me. I slept like a baby last night. I tried to get to sleep in my bed, but couldn't lay flat. I slept great.

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